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100% Cotton Batting 275


Description and benefits


For all fabrics

Product benefits:

  • soft hand feel
  • lightweight
  • significant stability


  1. Cotton batting for patchwork, quilting and warm clothing; extra wide for large area works, e.g. bedspreads.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.


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100% Cotton Batting 275

A beautiful premium quality cotton fleece batting for patchwork and quilting, also suitable for warm clothing. It is light, compact with no cross threading and retains its shape after multiple washings. To use, place and attach the wrong side of the fabric on the volume fleece or quilt from the fabric side out. This ensures particular plasticity for the quilt. Pre washing the fabric is only necessary in the likelihood of possible future shrinkage. Care: Washable in temperatures up to 30 degrees in the gentle cycle or dry cleanable.

Additional information


0001 glossy, 0002 matt


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