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Bias Tape


Description and benefits


all fabrics

Product benefits:

  • Securing and finishing of all rounded and diagonal edges
  • Very versatile: Clothing, e.g. tops, T-Shirts, blouses, waistcoats, dresses, home decor, e.g. table cloths, swags
  • Chain stitch prevents stretching of the edge
  • Flat, flexible support edging


  1. The 12 mm Bias Tape is stitched at 4/8 mm. When fusing, position the 8 mm side of the tape to fabric edge. Sew behind the row of top stitching. The top stitched tape prevents stretching of edges.
  2. Press on firmly, dry heat.

Important notice

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Securing and finishing of all rounded and diagonal edges

Bias Tape

Flexible iron-on, grain-reinforced bias binding for finishing all rounded and diagonal edges.

all fabrics

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Charcoal, White


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