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Edge Tape T20


Description and benefits


Almost all fabrics

Product benefits:

  • no stretching
  • easy to iron-on
  • durable perfect shape


  1. Lay out to the desired shape and lightly iron, about 8 seconds in each area. For rounded edges, crimp the tape into small pleats and press into the desired shape.
  2. Do not cut notches as this could cause the stabilising strengthened grain to fray.
  3. Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 20 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.


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For securing edges

Edge Tape

Strengthened grain stabilises fabric and protects against stretching, e.g. for front edge on jackets and coats, lapel break, armholes, etc.

Almost all fabrics

Additional information

edge tape

T20-10 white 20mm x 5m, T20-88 charcoal 20mm x 5m


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