Filmoplast H54


Description and benefits


For all materials, e.g. jersey, silk, etc.

Product benefits:

  • problem free working of pieces which are smaller than the embroidery frame
  • snag free embroidery
  • no shifting


  1. Clamp in an embroidery frame with the masking paper facing up.
  2. Score the masking paper carefully with a needle, without damaging the fleece.
  3. Position the fabric, smooth and embroider.
  4. Any resulting holes can be covered with H54. The machine doesn’t need to be reset, thus saving time and money.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

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Self adhesive embroidery backing – Tear off

Filmoplast H54

Small embroideries and monograms become child’s play with the self-adhesive embroidery backing Filmoplast H 54. Can easily be removed without leaving residue. Also suitable for creating collages.

For all materials, e.g. jersey, silk, etc.

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