Quickscreen Triangle 306


Description and benefits


All fabrics

Product benefits:

  • accurate results
  • clear optics
  • simple to use


  1. The broken lines are the cutting guides and include the seam allowance. The solid lines are the sewing guides.
  2. Lay the fabric pieces on the blank side of the Quickscreen Triangle and pin together.
  3. Turn the block over and sew on the printed side.
  4. Turn the fabric strips and attach and sew the next strip.
  5. Follow the pattern until the patchwork is finished.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.



Patchwork interfacing for accurate sewing

Quickscreen Triangle

Interfacing with printed grid in an 60° angle for e.g. stars, baby blocks, hexagon, triangles, diamonds or trapezoids. Geometric patterns and shapes are quickly and easily transferred.

All fabrics

Additional information


0001 glossy, 0002 matt


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