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Soft Belt


This is a 5cm soft fabric belt suitable for a raincoat, etc. Fabric front and back with a single row of stitching as standard. Shown in the picture with a second row of stitching which is £4 extra. Finished with either a pointed end as shown, or with a square end. Slip through buckle is standard, or available with a prong and five eyelets £5 extra.

Fabric required: 15cm x the finished length plus 10cm. Also a 10cm square for the buckle.

Eyelet colour

See picture for colours. (leave blank for slip through buckle belts)

back of the belt

Fabric lining Two layers of fabric, e.g. organza over satin.

Curved belt (as opposed to straight!)

Extra stiff belt


Add-ons total:


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Soft fabric belt suitable for a raincoat, etc.


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