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Opal Buttons


two-fabric button

Special Cutting

The button is made from fabric cut from a specific part of the material. Also when only tiny scraps are available. Double charge for two fabric buttons.

Additional layers of fabric

Each button is made from more than one layer of fabric, e.g. chiffon over silk, or lace over satin.

Metal Rings

Metal rims can be fitted to dome, flat, sew-through, 2-eyelet, 4-eyelet, maddy, pearl & opal buttons. Available in gold or silver, in sizes 24, 28, 32, 36 & 44 only.


Add-ons total:



two-fabric button

Additional information

Button Size

24L (16mm), 28L (18mm), 32L (20.5mm), 36L (23mm), 44L (28mm)


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