Buttons are important. They literally hold the whole outfit together. It’s a crucial decision in the design process…

Classic Covered Buttons


Eyelet Buttons

eyelets can be in silver, old gold, gold or gunmetal.
(shown clockwise)
if no colour is specified, we will choose for you

Two-Fabric Buttons

maddy have black or white cloth shanks only

Covered Press Studs

new Size 24”’ now available


The fabric for press studs must be quite thin or they won’t fasten together!

Button Sizes 24”’, 28″, 32″ and 36″
£1.58 per set
(one male part and one female part)

Metal Rim Buttons

Metal rims can be fitted to dome, flat, sew-through, two-eyelet, four-eyelet, maddy, pearly and opal buttons.
Available in gold or silver, in sizes 24, 28, 32 & 36.
Cost is 50p each on top of the button price.

Shaped Buttons


Button Sizes

To dowload a PDF with accurate button sizes please click here:- button size guide

The button size guide must be printed onto paper at a 1:1 scale for it to work. You may have to deselect “fit-to-page” or “shrink-to-page”. The sizes on the screen will not be accurate!

Print out the PDF and then check for calibration by placing a 2p or 1p coin over the corresponding image and measuring with a ruler against the 10cm scale to ensure accuracy.

NOTE: Button sizes are always in lignes – pronounced “lines” – e.g. 32”’ or 32L means 32 lignes. There are forty lignes to one inch. So, 40’’’ = 1” = 25.4mm.

Be aware that differing fabric thicknesses means that fabric covered button sizes can never be absolutely precise!

When placing your order for buttons be very careful to use the correct units. Our default position is that you mean lignes, unless it is explicitly clear that you don’t!


Button Backs

Black or white plastic backs are standard for most buttons.

We will choose black or white as appropriate unless you specify. 

  • silver metal backs 10p extra
  • black metal backs 20p extra
  • cloth shank backs (black or white) 10p extra
  • covered backs 30p extra (your fabric covering a cloth shank)

Special Cutting

Special cutting 16p extra
To make each button from a specific part of fabric.
Double charge for two-fabric buttons.

Fabric Layers

Fabric layers 10p extra
To make each button from more than one layer
of fabric, e.g. chiffon over silk or lace over satin.

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